2012 First Quarter Update (Jan-Mar 2012)

H.E. Nubpa Rinpoche at the land blessing ceremony on the site of the new Lapchi Association building on 14 Mar.

Lapchi Association’s New Building


After years of renting office space, Lapchi Association will be constructing a 4½-storey building next to Drikung Kagyu Rinchen Ling Monastery.


H.E. Nubpa Rinpoche and monks of Rinchen Ling performed a land blessing puja on the designated site on 14 March. Please refer to our photo gallery to view the related photos.


The tentative building plan is to have the office, cafe and bookshop on the first floor. The second floor will be quarters for office staff and members of Lapchi Association. The third and fourth floors will be retreat rooms and guest house. The top floor will be Shin Kyong Lha Khang, a shrine hall for Dharma protector, Shin Kyong.


The architect is currently working on the details of the construction plan.


Winter Period


As it’s extremely cold with heavy snowfall in Lapchi during the winter period, no restoration work can be carried out. For some of the retreatants who have come down, most of them will return to Lapchi by end of March to resume their retreats.


Lapchi Dorzin Dondrub Palden Rinpoche returned to Lapchi on 25 March after having spent close to 5 months in Drikung Kagyu Rinchen Ling Monastery. He had also visited India during this period.


Tatopani Retreat Center


The government has built a new road for vehicles that leads straight up to Tatopani Retreat Center. Retreatants no longer have to trek up the steep mountain for 4 hours from Tatopani town. Transporting supplies to retreatants is also a lot easier and more convenient now.


There is also a new police post nearby with 15 police officers. This greatly improves security in the area, reducing petty crimes such as theft. Both the new road and the police post have made the area a lot safer and convenient for retreatants.


Calf Liberation in Tatopani


Last year while spending 3 months in Tatopani, H.E. Nubpa Rinpoche sadly discovered that some local farmers starved their young calves to death or simply hung the calves to death on trees. As it takes time and money to rear the young calves before they become strong enough, most farmers see the calves as a great burden. Most importantly, the farmers want to reserve the cow’s milk for making butter and cheese, which will bring in immediate profit.


Therefore, Rinpoche initiated a calf liberation project. More than 10 calves were bought last year. The younger ones were adopted by willing farmers. The stronger ones are let grazing freely in the field.


Anyone who would like to contribute to the calf liberation funds may contact Karma Woesar, the secretary of Lapchi Association, email: lapchigonpa at gmail.com


In the Footsteps of a Yogi


“In the Footsteps of a Yogi”, a documentary on the 2011 Milarepa Boom Tsog in Lapchi has been produced by a team of volunteers from Malaysia and Taiwan. The team followed H.E. Nubpa Rinpoche to Lapchi to film the whole pilgrimage.


The post production was graciously sponsored and supported by a production company, video editors and talents in Singapore. Sponsors from Taiwan and Singapore have also made it possible to duplicate 2,000 DVD copies of the film for free distribution in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, Russia, Latvia, Germany, Canada, Nepal, India, etc.


The documentary and its 10 special features are also available on Youtube: